Anti reflective Coatings

Light is everywhere. We live in an environment with light of different types, both indoors and outdoors. Daily life is filled with technologies – iPhones, iPads etc. along with VDU use, working under fluorescent lighting and driving at night all of which can cause eye strain. An anti reflective coating significantly reduces down the glare and is strongly recommended.

Some anti reflective lenses now come with anti smudge, anti scratch, water and dust repellent properties as well as the very important Utra Violet protection.

Photochromatic Lenses

These are lenses which change colour in the light. They are clear when indoors and darken when you go outside. The main advantage of these lenses is that you have clear everyday glasses as well as sun glasses all rolled into one pair, so there’s no need to carry a second pair.

Hi Index lenses

If you have a high prescription then hi index lenses are something that needs to be considered when buying new glasses. They are thinner, flatter and lighter than the standard plastic lenses which in turn has the benefit of making your glasses more comfortable to wear .

Progressive Lenses (Varifocals)

Varifocal lenses have distance, intermediate and reading prescriptions all combined into one lens. The distance prescription is on top with the magnification increasing gradually through the lens. These are ideal for those who find swopping glasses or putting on/taking off glasses, an inconvenience. All you need is one pair for all your visual needs.

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